Desert Places

Have you ever been stuck in, or maybe you’re there now, a dry lonely desert patch of life? A patch that seems like no one hears you, no one sees you, even God seems distance, quiet or having abandoned you. This patch could look like loneliness, a marriage that lacks communication and intimacy. A womb that has yet to carry a baby or children that seem out of control. A job that you dread going to everyday. A desperation to find a mate for the rest of your years. A schedule that runs you so ragged you can’t spare a moment to think of your desert place.

God is with us through those desert times, maybe he seems silent because we have forgotten to seek him. Maybe he seems silent because we have spent all our time talking about our desert with everyone else that we haven’t given it to him. What if he has lead you to the desert because you are in a season of growing, stretching, and drawing closer to him.

Instead of complaining we need to seek him, to look for the purpose, the beauty of the desert. Some of the most beautiful flowers bloom in the desert, but how many get to see them because the desert is viewed as harsh, ugly and desolate so people are unwilling to go there. Gods desert

Our desert could be that we are unable to find our purpose, the plan He has for us, or we are hesitating to take the next step. The beauty in our desert is trust, trusting the Lord, and taking the next step realizing we won’t have the entire path shown to us but we are willing to step anyways.

My tendency is to run through these patches of desert as quickly as I can, they are painful! (Can I get an amen!) What if instead of trying to run through the desert we slowed down, sunk to our knees, cried out to the Lord. Wailed our truest thoughts. Because I promise you girls, God can handle the gut honest truth of what we are thinking. He really already knows it we just need to confess it. We need to tell Him and give to Him what is happening in our life because He will meet us there. I think of Job, when he tore his clothes, shaved his head, yet he worshiped. That was the beauty of Job, his desert was loss; his family, his possessions, his servants, through all of that he worshiped. Can we find the strength to worship in our desert?

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22 thoughts on “Desert Places

  1. My desert area is my (nearly) empty nest. That has been such a grieving process for me. I loved being a mom. I mean, I’m still a mom – but it’s so, so different now. God is very faithful, though, and He is teaching me NEW things during this desert season!
    Thanks for sharing over at Soul Survival. I enjoy your blog!

    • I’m not there but I am beginning to understand the older my first born gets to be. I love that you are experiencing these new things with the Lord!!

      Thanks so much for visiting today.

  2. Yes! i have been in he desert a few times! It’s true that sometimes we tell others before we tell God. Thank you for the reminder!

  3. I have found that desert places are great places to evaluate and make the most out of scarcity. Those times can bring about great growth if we yield to the process. Thanks for these words! Stopping by from #InspireMeMonday

  4. What a beautiful photo of the desert! I have found that in real life–the desert is most beautiful as the sun sets and darkness falls. In my spiritual life as well, God reveals his beauty to me when things seem to be getting dark–and those grace notes of beauty carry me through the nights and the hot sun of the desert days.

    • You are so right! I think in those sunset moments of our spiritual life we have only God to focus on so that’s when the beauty comes! Thanks for stopping by today!

  5. A beautiful post and a wonderful reminded of our Heavenly Father’s everlasting faithfulness. It is so true that we will go through desert experiences, but they do not last forever and He is there with us through them all! Thank you for sharing. ~Sarah (visiting from Radical Femininity)

  6. Yes and amen to running through the desert places…been there, done that. So glad God can handle our truth and that He leads us to His. Blessed to be your neighbor at #tellhisstory.

  7. Winter, you have described the very thing that shows up all the holes in my theology! Staying the course through the desert days takes such faith. God is the only source of water and life in these times. Glad to have found your blog at Thought Provoking Thursday!

  8. In the desert, those wandering places, those bewildered moments…God never leaves us nor forsakes us. The times when we need Him most, our voices often fail, yet, as you say, we need to “wail” unto God.
    The photo is so beautiful and tells this story in those flowers and the light and dark. Glad I came by from Deb’s.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

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