Sin is sin love is love

I have been thinking about love and what Jesus says about love. He says to love everyone as yourself,  I don’t know about you but I tend to treat myself pretty good.  This isn’t a qualified love, its not a love that says well since you have this sin or trial in your life I can’t love you until you get your hot mess cleaned up. It’s a love that says I love you just as you are, a love that says I know you have crap (I have crap too-so please love mine!) yet I choose to love you. It’s a love that is made up of enough strength to say you have this sin going on and you need to clean it up. (This works both ways so tread gently in pure love!) Our jobs as Christ followers is to love well and this doesn’t apply to only those easy to love but to ALL those around us.  How are you loving?


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