Slow down He wants to talk to you…

Wow, how God has been working in my life lately! Two weeks ago I attended a women’s retreat with my fellow church ladies the theme was being a child of God/your identity in God. The best and most intense part of the weekend came almost at the end with a simple prayer exercise, one I had never done before. There was music playing and the speaker asked us just to get silent with the Lord and to write down whatever He may be telling us on the note card that she had given us.

So as I sat on the floor clearing my head wanting to hear what the Lord had for me I got “stop fighting me”…well I didn’t want to hear that I mentally said what else do you have Lord there has to be something better for me to hear…I again get “stop fighting me” I don’t want to write that down Lord this goes back and forth a few more times when finally with a shaking hand I write down “Stop fighting me” as I continued to listen with tears streaming down my face. I was also told:

I want you.

Be patient

Need refining-haven’t finished yet

As the song played through once more I sat wrestling with the Lord about my need for direction, and how He wants me to serve Him, if I’m “good enough” to serve Him in a greater capacity. So as the song ends for the second time the speaker says I’m going to have Jennifer pick up your card {which I DID NOT want anyone else to see} She goes on to say that the words that we wrote may not be for us but for someone else in the room. She asks Jennifer to pass out the cards not in any kind of order but just go with the Lord’s leading.

She heads for me first and I as look at the card and its message written there, my heart is pierced, especially when these words are combined with the words God gave to me. I have reassurance and a renewed confidence in the journey that I’m to take for the Lord.

The card I received read: Confidence… good. But be humble.

God is in control. He has a plan and I don’t get to-and don’t need to-understand.

I trust Him not to give me more than I can handle.

I am doing what He wants me to do~He told me.

I am on a journey surrounded by two friends to grow closer and deeper with the Lord these words were given to me shortly after drawing my circle to say I seek you with more intention and obedience Lord. How He longs to speak to us and encourage us if only we take the time to slow down and listen.


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